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tv   CNN Sunday Morning  CNN  July 18, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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camps. nobody knows how fast progress will occur here, and there is no question this will be a difficult and complicated reconstruction projects that many people have seen. we will be back shortly here in port-au-prince as well. if you missed the show, check out thank you for watching. more news on cnn is next. hey, everybody. good morning from the cnn center in atlanta georgia. this is cnn sunday. thank you for being here. the picture continues to be a good one, and it's good because no oil is continuing to come
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out. we are headed in the right direction it appears to be the cap continues to hold in the gulf and the government wants to do some more testing. we'll explain. also, this morning, for whatever reason these folks are jumping in the water and then they will get out of the water and on the bike, and then off the bike and then run. a one-mile swim. we will tell you what our team is doing this morning. let's look at some of the stories making stories overnight. one is out of indianapolis. downtown, indianapolis, with 10 people were wounded in shootings. three different shootings. the victims are between the ages of 10 and 18 years old. none of them, though, have life-threatening injures. several people were detained, and this gun fire after crowds
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were leaving the concert which was part of the indiana black expo. and then freeway p43 people. and then clinton arriving in pakistan. this is a trip that will take her to several asian companies. after the trip to pakistan and meetings there she will move over to afghanistan for an international conference. we will go live in just a bit. we are on day 90 now of the gulf oil disaster, and still so far so good as far as capping the leak goes. they are keeping a close eye on the pressure. now that the cap is on, because as it continues to go up, confidence goes up as well. they planned on doing this testing for 48 hours.
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that 48-hour deadline to test the integrity of the well expired yesterday afternoon. now the government continues to continue and bp wants to continue as well testing for a while. there is about 67 psi in pressure. they want to get that higher, to let them know the well is holding and no oil is leaking out. the containment process will resume as soon as the testing stops. they will attach piped and sen siphon up the oil to surface ships and start collecting it. and michelle obama will head back to the gulf coast region on friday. reynolds wolf has been covering the disaster from the beginning. the testing continues. why did they make the decision to continue testing for a little
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past their own 48-hour deadline? >> reporter: well, because they know this is so crucial. they want to make sure everything is going to be in tiptop shape before they go to the next step. and they will start pumping the oil back up to the surface, and they are making sure things are fine. the psi numbers, they wanted them to go up. they have not reached the level scientists were anticipating. the opposite, moving down, would indicate there is some kind of issue, leaking someplace, and even, heaven's forbid, a rupture on the ocean floor. if they do take that procedure, there will be some oil back into the gulf of mexico that will come from the valves. but even that, it will be temporary as they bring the oil to the surface. and the thing is really going to
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be the key to stopping this altogether, it's going to be the relief wells. as of yesterday in five feet from reaching an intersection. when it gets to that point it will take several days or weeks to stop that flow with the combination of mud and concrete. and then and only then when we have the two relief wells completed, it should be the end-all of the leak. it's quiet, and not seeing oil out of there, and this is my ninth trip out here to cover the story, this is the best trip so far. knowing there is an end -- at least it appears that way, an end to the horrible story. >> the recovery will be going on for years that we will have to deal with, and right now it's important that we have a cap. how is the mood continuing to change there, reynolds, in new orleans and along the gulf?
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it appears we have the first step under control, the most important, which is to stop oil from coming out. >> reporter: absolutely. at the same time there are a lot of seafood companies that closed shop and who knows if they will ever open up again? and here in new orleans, it's nuts. you have people all over the place, and there are all kinds of conventions in town so they are doing good all things considered. and pensacola, there are people slowly coming back. just the idea of being able to flip on the television set and be at cnn or whatever the source might be -- it better be cnn, they are going to see the sight of no oil just coming out of the well. it's an indicator, and a motivating thing to bring people back to the coast. this is a multibillion dollar industry here at the coast. >> reynolds, we appreciate you
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as always, buddy. talk to you again shortly. secretary state clinton is on an important mission right now. she has been in several countries, and reza is there. remind our viewers how credit kl this partner is to the united states. >> reporter: pakistan is a huge partner in the fight against extremism in this nation. she arrived five hours ago. and all indications are she will go on an offensive to win as many hearts and minds here in pakistan as possible, to close the deficit that exist, and bolster pakistani u.s. relations. there is never going to be any
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progress or success across the border without the help of pakistan, without pakistan doing more against extremist on this soil. for the u.s., getting pakistan to do more has not always been easy, because anti-sentiments are widespread here and there is a huge deficit between them, and that's why she is here to chip away at the anti-american sentiment. how she plans on doing it is by handing out billions of dollars of u.s. aid approved by the u.s. congress. second clinton is scheduled to unveil a number of programs that are designed to specifically address pakistan's biggest needs. they are an energy shortage, and water shortage, and the economy.
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t. j., the complaint you often here in pakistan is them saying the u.s. says they want to help, but we don't see the results or the details. tomorrow, secretary of state clinton is scheduled to retail some of the details, like improving on the power grid. and the goal is to get pakistan to do more against the fight against extremists. >> if anybody could say there is more a important partner in the region, and that's afghanistan where she is heading on tuesday? >> reporter: yeah, no question about it. what is interesting, a senior u.s. official who spoke to us said all the focus will be in afghanistan, because that's where the war is and that's where you have 100,000 american troops. but make no mistake, this visit in pakistan is just as important. washingt washington's position is the
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taliban leaders are taking refuge in fueling the insurgency. they need pakistan's help in doing more against the pakistan. >> reza, we appreciate you as always. thank you. in afghanistan, a search for escaped prisoners right now. a bomb exploded and the blast killed one police officer and one inmate. some of the escapees have been recaptured, but 11 still on the loose. the militant group says it freed all of it's comrades throughout the province. vice president biden being fined for violating federal
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election laws. this is a part of his failed 2008 presidential bid. this was him campaigning back in 2007. this is from the commission that he ruled that he accepted money that went above the legal limit, and he failed to pay for rides on private jets, and the campaign will comply with the ruling. as i mentioned, today in new york, they are jumping in the water, and jumping on a bike and then on the road. triathlon going on as we speak. we will head there live to find out why this is how they choose to spend their sunday morning. it's 11 past the hour. people say i'm forgetful.
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today is national ice cream day. there is a day for everything. >> really? >> this is a serious story we will be tackling in a bit. good day for it, i suppose, in a lot of places. >> we will continue in a lot of these areas until the end of the workweek. denver was 102 yesterday. >> how rare is that for denver in the summer to get above 100 degrees? >> they have not been this hot, i think, since 1971. so it has been quite a few years. i would have to double-check that. >> it has been a while. >> yeah, definitely has. and we have had thunderstorms rumbling around the midwest, and not in the same areas that we saw yesterday. we saw pictures of hail and the heavy rainfall that came down across minnesota. look at the record high temperatures. denver, 102. colorado springs at 96. and grand junction at 104 degrees. let's show you what the forecast
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shows for some selected cities around the country. we can see for denver, not quite as hot as it has been, and the temperature drops off as we go tuesday into thursday. a lot of areas, we will stay hot for a long time, places like denver. and today, you will be a little hot. temperatures around 90 degrees or so. near the coast, not quite as hot. and then you are dropping back down into the 70s. that will be a good forecast. dallas, look at this, we stay close to the triple digit reading until thursday. there is just minimal heat expected -- or relief from the heat expected. st. louis, temperatures in the 90s all week long. the only relief you get are chances for thunderstorms to be rumbling around. speaking of thunderstorms, you are watching this cluster of activity across missouri and des moines, headed towards st.
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louis. this is going to be a troublesome area at least for the next several hours. we had isolated reports of tornado warnings a couple hours ago, and also this area right across northern michigan, and into wisconsin, thunderstorms being reported there right now as well. let's give you a broader look as to what the temperatures are going to do. phoenix, 111. i had a report that maybe vegas would not, t. j., if you can believe this, around 114 degrees, excessively hot to say the least. >> wow, i am never outside when i was in vegas. >> the way they like it. >> yeah, temperatures there go along with national ice cream day. today in the country, we are celebrating a favorite treat. josh levs giving us background
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18 minutes past the hour here on this cnn "cnn sunday morning." some of the stories making headlines, a gunman opened fire in a washington state park. a popular park. two people killed and another four injured. police have two people in custody right now. this is a popular park. a lot of people visiting last night when the gun fire erupted. police do not have a motive. also the florida turnpike re-opened after a deadly roll over crash yesterday. that is the van these folks were in. one passenger died and a driver and 13 other people were hurt as
8:20 am
well. five of the injured are children. this is south of orlando last night. police believe the driver lost control of the bus and slammed into the guardrail and flipped. zaza gabor is in a medical facility with a broken hip. she was watching one of her favorite shows, "jeopardy," and she went to get the phone and fell out of bed. we do wish her well. it's national ice cream day. josh levs has the scoop on the stuff we have been scooping out in large and disturbing numbers, i should say. >> yeah, when you hear about how
8:21 am
much ice cream we eat it's disturbing. check this out. it was declared by president reagan, he proclaimed back in 1984, the thursday sunday of every third sunday in july, and the best photo-op in the world is the president. take a look. president obama on vacation in his family in maine, and they all go and get ice cream. and now everybody is talking about. we have cool pictures of people enjoying ice cream all around the world. this is pretty amazing. the u.s. ice cream day. let's get some of the numbers on the screen behind me. we also have to keep in mind
8:22 am
can't eat too much. the u.s. enjoys 48 pints per person a year, and that's a ton of ice cream. enjoy it, but in moderation. and it takes 12 pounds of milk to make one gallon of ice cream. they average know the number of licks per ice cream cone. now, one more thing. we have news on this, because baskin robins has 31 flavors, but getting rid of five. they are getting rid of french vanilla. isn't that crazy? you don't know this, but sometimes i have been known to stress people out, and people say you are on in eight seconds and i wait until the last second. and today, we have the awesome
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ice cream. our producer, and everybody come on over, and we have gotten candy ice cream. i have never seen anything like this. strawberry ice cream, and we also have ice cream cupcakes over here. i did not even know you were here. everybody, happy national ice cream from cnn. and join us, and write us and tweet us and tell us what you think about the national ice cream day. t. j., back to you -- >> i did not know we had that many people working in the studio right now. >> yeah, and there is more. >> where did we find the child? >> yeah, and it's nice that i can do something for the people i stress out every day. >> i will let these folks have their 48 pints. >> hi. >> we have all kinds here.
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♪ well, i told you about this triathlon. some people decide to hop in the water and then hop on a bike and then run down the road. what are you doing with your morning? our elizabeth cohen who is part of our medical team here is handling things there. you are not biking or swimming,
8:26 am
and somebody had to do the reporting. what is our fit nation crew up to this morning? >> reporter: they have been amazing. i cannot even tell you, t. j., the team of cnn folks, it's six producers and then six folks we chose, noncnn people, because they explained to us how much it would mean to run a triathlon, and so sanjay and the team got into the water around 6:41 this morning. we are expecting them to finish sometime around 9:00 or 9:30. they are part of a group of 4,000 people running the new york city triathlon this morning, and first they do a one-mile swim in the hudson river, and then a 25-mile bike ride on the west side highway, and then after that, they do a six-mile run here in central park and end here in the park. we are expecting to see them soon. it has been very exciting. sanjay and his team has set such
8:27 am
an incredible example that people ought to be fit. and a lot of these people, they were not athletes before they did this, but are running a triathlon today. >> yeah, it shows anybody can do this. these are just regular folks, but explain to us quickly how long they have been going at it in this process. this is the culmination today of a long process. >> reporter: yeah, they started to train in january. they started pretty slowly, and then it got quite intense. i was talking to their trainer, and she said you give me anyone, and i can make them a triathlete in six months. that's what it takes. >> i should have gotten onboard. maybe next time around i will catch the next triathlon. liz, we and you. we will check in with our fit nation crew soon. we have a story about one tennessee community not putting out the welcome mat for a new
8:28 am
building, and the new building is going to house a mosque. we will tell you what is happening in the tennessee town. ♪ [ male announcer ] we all need people who will be there for us in life. people who say, "we're with you, no matter what." at wachovia and wells fargo, we're with you, when a house turns into a home... ...when a passion becomes a career... ♪ ...when a relationship turns into a lifetime... and when all the hard work finally pays off. we're with you when you need someone to stand by you. wachovia, wells fargo, and you.
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okay. at meineke i have options, and 50% off brake pads and shoes. my money. my choice. my meineke. welcome back to the cnn sunday morning. giving you a look at some of the stories overnight we are keeping an eye on, including a suicide bombing. the death toll at 43. also, the secretary of state, hillary clinton made her way to pakistan. this is video of her landing there in islamabad. and she is making several stops through asia. she is in pakistan now.
8:32 am
also, take a look at this video here. this is out of pof barcelona, s after a ride broke at an amusement park there. a young boy walked away from the accident with minor injuries. it's a ride, kind of a pendulum swinging ride, and it broke midair. let's turn to the controversy over building mosques in this country. you have seen the story pop up out of new york. a lot of emotional testimony we saw last week at the meeting they had about the proposed mosque that was being proposed to be built near ground zero. take a listen. >> and all you people here
8:33 am
yelling at me don't even know. and maybe if a mosque were built, you would know what islam was about. >> have we forgotten what happened at 9/11? >> opponents of the mosque are asking why it has to be built so close to the 9/11 site. and supporters say this is a matter of religious freedom. that is stirring up controversy. the ad itself is stirring up, but also because cbs and nbc refused to air it. it does not make a distinction between islam and terrorism in that ad. and the debate surfaced as well in murphys borough, tennessee.
8:34 am
>> reporter: the debate rages over a new mosque. opponents marched through the streets in protests. in may, the county's planning commission approved it. >> seems like the american people forget. >> they say the commission acted too quickly in allowing it to be approved. >> all it is is a training center. yeah, it has other things, too. that's the veneer. that's just to get people to look the other way. once they get established, they are going to have all kinds of people come in. islam, a mosque means we have conquered this country, and where are they? in the center of tennessee. they will say, we have conquered tennessee. >> reporter: the protesters began on east main and made their way through town to the steps of the county courthouse here in public square.
8:35 am
they put together a petition urging county leaders to listen to their concerns. >> the size of the building means something. it's a very large building. it is supposed to have 200 memberships, and i don't want anybody in there creating something that can be used to attack us. >> not everybody in the community agrees with their stance. a counter debate. >> if we could talk together, we would find we are very much alike. >> i would like to see some sort of proof for these accusations, and then that could be a separate discussion. but there has been no actions on the side of the islamic
8:36 am
community to warrant accusations like that. it's just a matter of not wanting to let others have the same rights that they have. >> now, opponents claim to have 20,000 signatures of county residents and plan on turning the petition over to the county mayor, but the site plans have been approved by the zoning board. to get perspective now, the largest in the country, and we are live in the d.c. bureau. i think you were able to hear that piece. >> yes, i was. >> give me your thoughts and reaction when you hear some of the things that you hear and the concerns -- you heard a guy say once they build a mosque, it's a training center. >> unfortunately, we are seeing
8:37 am
it all over the country, in manhattan and brooklyn and staten island. this morning i saw an article about opposition to a mosque in california. we have seen it in illinois. and there are other mosques in tennessee facing similar opposition. what we are seeing is that some people are trying to exploit and promote islam phobia in our country by opposing these ordinary expansions of mosques or building of mosques. it's just routine for a growing religious minority in our country. they put out step by step guides on how to oppose a mosque when it comes to your area. it's very disturbing. we are seeing politicians, now, trying to use these kinds of issues to pander to their base saying i am more opposed to this than the next person, so vote for me. >> you mention one in california
8:38 am
and we showed a piece from the one in murfeesboro, but let's take the one a few blocks from up grounds zero. >> it's portrayed as the ground zero megamosque, and it's not at ground zero. >> it's a cultural center that does have plans as far as our reporting at cnn, is that it's a cultural center that will have one of the things in it, one of those things having a mosque. >> yeah, a prayer space. >> we can go back with the semantics, and it's a few blocks away from ground zero. do you understand why some people would be more sensitive to it being there versus in a murfeesboro or in california, where there is a little sensitivity where people have more concern there? >> believe me, wherever it is, mosques are facing the same
8:39 am
opposition. the muslim bashers are just exploiting the national sensitivities of the 9/11 families, and our national compulsion pn >> on a point you just made there, you do you find a difference. you said some of the leaders are taking advantage, or people speaking out are taking advantage of the natural sensitivities of the 9/11 families, and just on the point that you made about the natural sensitivities, can you understand some of the families, and even the new yorkers themselves have more of the national sensitivity that hear a mosque is going up so close to the world trade center? >> it was interesting. they did have a poll of the new york areas to see whether the
8:40 am
cultural center there would be a good idea. if they took the overall poll, it was negative. if they took out just the people in manhattan, the majority of people in manhattan said, sure, had why not? obviously we are extremely sensitive to the 9/11 issue, but this is america, and people have the right to buy property and build houses of worship and pray and do things as they see fit, despite what the muslim bashers want. >> we need to know about where the funding is coming from? >> representative king has a long history of muslim bashing. >> well, i named one guy -- the
8:41 am
point -- mr. hooper, mr. hooper, let me ask you, mr. hooper, let me ask you do you believe new yorkers, americans, should know where the funding for the mosque near ground zero is coming from? >> the funding of every chur cu if everybody is investigated equally, fine. why single out one religious minority, and one project in an attempt to smear them and block what is being actually promoted as an enter faith, enter cultural center for mutual understanding? >> so that's a no, they should not have to because others should not the have to. >> if there is evidence of long doing, of course, but i have seen no evidence of long doing other than it's sponsored by muslims. >> do you have any concern that
8:42 am
this center itself at ground zero, could, because of all the attention, become a target for people? >> when you create enough fear and hysteria, that's always a possibility. but, you know, i think the people of new york and america are sensible enough to look beyond the kind of fear mongering we are seeing from the ones that are in opposition to this. >> and you do see another segment of people in favor of it, and say this is exactly the thing we should be doing. >> the majority of new yorkers. >> mr. hooper, we appreciate you coming on. we hope to have you back -- you know, there are so many other stories to talk about. we talk about new york, and california, and -- >> always something. >> yeah, that's a good way to put it. we appreciate having you and enjoy your sunday. and another story, about an invention came to help him after
8:43 am
a near fatal shooting. it's 42 minutes past the hour. stay with us. i just told him, do your best. build a car you're proud of. of course, winning's not bad either. subaru. the only manufacturer with 2010 iihs top safety picks for all models. isn't it nice when honest virtues win? and my dog bailey and i love to hang out in the kitchen. you love the aroma of beef tenderloin, don't you? you inspired a very special dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. chef inspired. dog desired.
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day 90 of the gulf oil disaster, and still the pressure is building literally, literally
8:46 am
pressure building, and the optimism building as well. reynolds wolf is in new orleans. as the pressure goes up literally in the well, optimism goes up as well. >> reporter: absolutely. we have new information with regard to the optimism, and certainly with the numbers that pertain to the well. the latest we have on the psi, the latest numbers, 6,778 psi. if you do the math, it's going up one to two psi per hour, and not exactly what they anticipated, but still the arrows going in the right direction. good news. and another bit of news is that there has been no reported trace of oil anywhere on the coastline for the last 24 hours. it's been a very long time since we have been able to say that.
8:47 am
that's something that is tremendous. >> reynolds, say that again? the past 24 hours -- >> reporter: yeah, the latest that we have got is there is no trace of oil detected on any of the shoreline over the last 24 hours. that can change, though. there could be plumes out there that could make their way along the coast, but you have to admit, t. j., when is the last time we have been able to say that? the pressure is slowly increasing, and it seems to be as tight as a drum for the time being, and the lack of oil on the coastline for now appears to be great news. all we are talking about here, a a -- everything is great news, but long term, the solution they will come to will be in the relief wells. not one but two will be drilled.
8:48 am
that's a procedure that could take days and up to weeks. you are seeing the animation here. some four feet away, and hothe pressure is slowly building. not super high, but still going up. >> positive developments we can report. reynolds, so glad to hear positive reports for a change. get back home safely as well. coming up, we are, as we always say, the warmup act for state of the union for candy crowley. can i keep saying that? that's -- >> you are my favorite warmup act. >> i am your only act, candy.
8:49 am
that's like my mom saying i am her favorite son. we are talking mid terms. there was a lot of back and forthcoming up. >> yeah, and none of it all that great for democrats. it's a choice between knowing it's going to be a bad year and the question is how bad is it going to be? we saw tension this week between house democrats and the white house. democrats are feeling neglected and don't feel the president has vested in their re-elections, and there is still anxiety. we are talking about politics and policy. what can possibly get done up on capitol hill between now and november, because every day just puts a new layer of tension between the parties up there. we will talk about for senator mitch mcconnell, and steny hoyer, leader of democrats on the house side.
8:50 am
>> is that for real, behind the scenes? they spat a little bit in the press and back and fourth, and then came out and said it's all good, we love each other. is that real tension? >> i believe the tension is real. listen, it's always this way. the house side feels like a stepchild most of the time, and some house members believe the president looks at the house and thinks he may lose the house of representativ representatives, so trying to throw the security blanket around the u.s. senate. there are a lot of house members. there is a limited amount of presidential time that can be taken up and campaigning for individual house members. but i think they came to come meeting of the minds. they are obviously all united in the goal. that is to keep the house democratic. but i think how they get there, and as you know they were very upset, when robert gibbs said
8:51 am
what was perfectly honest to everybody, which is that it's possible republicans to take over the house. and that just sent the house democrats into orbit he would say that. it's a tense time. you can tell from time to time. there is tension, but there always is this time of year. >> yeah, candy, i know you have mitch landrieu, the mayor of new orleans as well. we will look for all of that at the top of the hour. always good to see you. again, there she is, candy crowley. starts in about nine minutes. stay here. hen some lost their w, this company led the way. by protecting clients and turning uncertainty into confidence. what if that story were true?
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carin ma begin damage reports coming out of missouri where there have been severe thunderstorms. i told you we started to see the bow echo, and there are strong
8:55 am
winds reported here in the particular squall line. and in extreme northeastern sections of missouri, as well. it will move fairly quickly. and st. louis, you are in line fairly soon. a we'll keep you updated. >> thank you for keeping it updated for us. we make it our point here to introduce you to somebody that we think you should know about. right now i want to introduce to you an engineering student in atlanta that built something that could help build strength. he was a skinny youngster, and he used to carry extra books in his backpack to help his energy.
8:56 am
and he never knew the idea would help rebuild his own life. patrick nearly died when he was shot during a robbery. the bullet just missed his heart and he lost part of his young. and he used his invention, omega wear. he now wants to use his invention to help people with physical therapy needs. he is somebody we thought you should know about. somebody else definitely know about, former president of south africa has a birthday today. he will celebrate quietly. he wants you to donate a little of your time to public service. his 67 years of public service are highlighted, and he says he
8:57 am
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